World Mental Health Day

Ailing physical health is no fun, but at least doctors relate to it. Mental health? Not so much.

I was operated on last month to have a tumor removed from my bladder, and I have to say all of the assistance from my health care provider - to say nothing of all of the prayers and well wishers - was wonderful. I am extremely grateful - and so I hope what I have to say next does not sound like sour grapes!

Mental health concerns, which, like roughly 1 in 4 Americans I have also had to deal with, is different. Perhaps largely because it isn't a problem they can see, it is hard for most people to understand unless they have gone through it themselves. They think you're simply down in the dumps, that you can push through it on your own. They don't understand that, like a needle stuck in a record groove, your poor mental state and negative thoughts and feelings go on.... and on... and on....

I strongly encourage people suffering from a mental health diagnosis to join a support group! Mine is Fresh Hope.

It's rather ironic that when I was experiencing some severe depression two years ago after losing our Maltese, I had virtually no appetite and thus lost about 20 pounds. Since I have been overweight most of my life, my physician was thrilled!

But he was only seeing the physical.....he did not quite get that while I was lighter in weight, I was extremely unhappy on the inside.

Long story short, once I began feeling better, and eating more, needless to say I put the weight back on, and my doctor was not as happy with me. ... from a PHYSICAL perspective. But MENTALLY, I was happy as a lark, happier than I had been in years! Ideally, I'd have kept the weight off, too, but if given a choice between between down in the dumps day after day, after day, struggling just to get through the day..... versus weight... well....

So, you see even caring physicians, and mine IS caring, don't get me wrong, don't quite "get it." And if THEY don't, how much more the rest of us? And thus, how much more we all need to get the word out about mental health!

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