Thinking Big in the New Year

While this is certainly isn't always the case, Human Resources, many times needs to know more about employee assistance professionals and how EAP works. And EA, in turn, can often stand to learn more about HR.

Employee Assistance Report (EAR) has published articles about how HR and EAP can better work together, but we would like to take this idea a step further in the New Year. We are embarking on a promotional campaign to make not only EA professionals, but also HR professionals more aware of this newsletter and its usefulness to both groups.

For instance, "Avoiding Delegation Pitfalls" and "'Pot' Breath Tests Look Promising for Employers (both in December EAR), offer useful tips and news for EA AND HR alike. Like the December HR Corner on marijuana tests, January's HR Corner about health risk assessments offers additional practical tips.

As we have also done in the past, EAR will present pragmatic pieces on how HR and EAP can better work together in 2020. But we really aren't "changing" anything. EAP has been the focus of this newsletter for more than 20 years, and that will remain the case in 2020! Rather, we will be striving to ADD TO the value of EAR - a win-win for both groups.

Thank you for your support of this newsletter. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Any questions, give me a call ... 715-445-4386 or email

Mike Jacquart


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