September Issue of EAR Now Available for Subscribers

Columbine, 1999. Who would have thought that, 20 years later, mass shootings would be as commonplace as they are today? Aurora. Parkland. Las Vegas. Fort Worth. Dayton. The list goes on, and on. While tragedies like these dominate headlines, EA professionals are well aware that death in the workplace is an issue that goes much deeper than the shootings on major news reports.

“…it doesn’t necessarily take such a dramatic event to require support for employees when a co-worker dies,” states Nancy Shriner in this month’s cover story of Employee Assistance Report. “It could be a heart attack at an office desk, cancer, or perhaps a car accident.”

Since “death is a fact of life,” Shriner points out that, “With proper planning and a strong EAP-driven program in place, employers can meet the challenge of helping their workers and families deal with their grief and its impact on the workplace.” EAR hopes this month’s cover story and Brown Bagger insert help your corporate clients to do just that.


We remind readers of the new manner in which the EAR is being delivered. Due to issues with email deliverability, some subscribers were not receiving their issues. Now the emails will serve only as notification/reminder that the latest issue is available and then subscribers will log on to the EAR Subscriber section of with a username and password to access the pdfs.

If you don’t receive the email on the last Thursday of the month, simply log in to see if the new issue has been posted (we will also make a note there if there is a delay, such as with the August issue when our designer’s power was out for four days!)

Not only will you be able to access the latest issue from the website, but also our archive (which is in progress) of past issues of EAR you may have missed.

We think you’ll find this method an improvement as you won’t have to rely on receipt of the email to access the pdfs, but with any new system there is the potential for snags in the beginning. Please let us know if you have any comments or concerns!

Contact Editor and Publisher Mike Jacquart at (715) 445-4386 or if you would to begin your subscription to Employee Assistance Report.

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