Pandemic Positives

"Don't just lament what we've lost during the pandemic - consider what it is that we've GAINED." That was a comment I heard today on television, and it really stuck with me.

We've all LOST something during this disturbing time - some more than others in terms of personal finances and jobs, as but two examples. We've ALL lost time spent with loved ones we'll never get back. We've lost out on vacations, going to Mass, personally; seeing my father-in-law and friends at a local assisted living facility - even something we took for granted like getting our hair cut! Fortunately, with the shutdown over here in Wisconsin, my wife and I get to go to a hairdresser today. Yeah!

But we should also remember what we've GAINED during the COVID-19 crisis. That is:

* A greater appreciation for personal, ONE-ON-ONE visits with friends and loved ones. Zoom, Facebook, and even the phone are nice, but not the same thing to me.

* A greater appreciation for dining and having a drink at a bar or restaurant with good friends. I'm glad drive-thrus have been open, but I miss the social aspect that makes eating more than just a meal.

* And what about health care workers? I know I sure ADMIRE them even more than I did.

Employee Assistance Report (EAR) has strived to offer useful, practical ideas during this tough period: Brainspotting in this month's cover story, Radical Acceptance in this month's Brown Bagger, and the relationship between isolation and mental health in the May EAR.

Next will come the difficult transition many of us will face in returning to work. But I have a feeling we'll get through that, too. Take care and stay safe.

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