Editorial Consulting and Support for Employee Assistance Professionals

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Welcome to Write it Right LLC! I love words, and I am eager to help social service professionals make themselves sound as polished and professional as possible.

A good part of what I already do to assist busy professionals can be found at the Employee Assistance Report (EAR) section of this site. Information on this publication, as well as an opportunity to order EAR can be found at this tab.

But EAR is not the only service offered by Write it Right LLC. I can provide extensive editing and rewriting that will improve your copy immeasurably. Maybe you would like to write a blog on a given topic, but can’t find the time to make the posts appear regularly. I can write one for you.

Do you need an important news release or feature article written about your company? I am also available to meet your writing needs on a wide range of topics.

In addition to EAPA, additional Write it Right clients include the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), Natural Air E-Controls, LLC, and Impact Training Center, a leading provider of continuing education trainings for early childhood professionals. Plus I'm also a published author! In other words, I am a very versatile writer!

I am also very used to turning around content & articles on a timely basis.

Whatever your writing and editing needs, I am here to help you “write it RIGHT.” Contact me today.

Sincerely, Mike Jacquart,

Publisher, Editor, Writer & Communications Strategist


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