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'Climbing Out of the Darkness' Nearing Completion!

I am thrilled to announce that my newest book, tentatively titled, Climbing Out of the Darkness: A Personal Journey to Mental Wellness is nearing completion!

Why a book about mental health? In this crazy day and age with rampant anxiety, stress, and depression, I dare say, why not MORE books about this subject? I am also told that books from a male perspective on this topic are lacking, which was another reason for writing it.

I do not think the average person understands the day-to-day challenges, both at work and in one's personal life, that can, and often do, come into play when someone has a mental health challenge. Since behavioral disorders are often marked by pervasiveness (occurring much of the time) as opposed to once in a while, like experiencing "the blues", something that most people run into occasionally, this point was absolutely vital to better understanding this topic.

I am also thrilled that a professional with considerable experience in mental health, and a talented graphic designer, are assisting me on this book. The former will help explain some of the mental health issues I was often experiencing at the time. Many of these related to problems with the working world, holding down jobs, etc. Since this ties in directly to employee assistance professionals, I believe they will be interested in gaining additional insights how mental health intersects with the world of work.

More to come in future posts! In the meantime, remember, mental health IS health!

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