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'Climbing Out of Darkness' Featured in 'Headspace for the Workplace' Podcast

As many of you reading this are aware, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, an especially great time to raise awareness about the importance of mental health.

I recently had the opportunity to record a podcast with Sally Spencer-Thomas about my book, Climbing Out of Darkness: A Personal Journey into Mental Wellness (with Marina London LCSW) as well as sharing our views on depression in the workplace. I was thrilled for this opportunity given Sally's expertise on this subject matter!

Having lost a number of jobs, (I was experiencing depression and anxiety, not diagnosed at the time) mental health is a topic I know only too well. And so does Sally, who also experienced major depression while in the workplace. Sally, a psychologist and professional speaker, is the president and co-founder of United Suicide Survivors International and author of the Guts, Grit and Grind book series on men's mental health

The link to the podcast I recorded with Sally can be found here

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Kindly give a listen and leave a positive rating and review -- and then please share this important message with others!

I hope you will also consider purchasing my book, Climbing Out of Darkness: A Personal Journey into Mental Wellness. While it is available on Amazon, I also mail SIGNED copies, something you won't find online! I am also offering a discount during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Simply send a check or money order for $18.00 to:

Mike Jacquart

395 Grove St.

Iola, WI 54945

Any questions, call me at 715-200-1143. Thank you for reading and good mental health to all!

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