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A Personal Journey to Mental Health

Why am I writing a book about my personal journey to mental health? In this crazy day and age with rampant anxiety, increasing numbers of people dying by suicide, plus political and social strife, and untold stress, I might ask: Why NOT a book about mental health? A better question might be, why aren't there more books on this subject?

As part of my work as a professional writer and editor, I have been blessed with knowing a number of individuals trained and licensed in the mental health field. I am certainly no clinician, but I have learned any number of clinical terms and feel that I understand more about the critical issue of mental health than the average person.

Not seeking treatment for a mental health concern occurs far too often. A diabetic would not refrain from taking insulin, right? Nor would a person leave a broken arm or sprained ankle unattended. So why do some folks (men especially) feel that mental health is something they can just “tough out” on their own? In some cases, maybe they can. But if an individual is suffering from a behavioral health disorder that only a trained clinician can diagnose and treat, no way! This person can no more resolve depression or another disorder than you could go without insulin or leave that arm or ankle untreated!

Mental health IS health! Much more to come in future posts!

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